We do hand pickups of trash anywhere on Mount Desert Island and Trenton. Residents of Mt. Desert requiring more specialized service than offered by municipal service are pleased when we are able to customize pickups to their individual needs.

The cost of services is $7.00 per Hand Pick Up in Trenton and anywhere on Mount Desert Island but the Town of Mt. Desert. This fee is good for up to 6 large bags. Additional bags are $1.00 each.

If we have to use our own bag to bag something up for you it is and extra charge of $1.00 per bag

In the Town of Mount Desert, the Hand Pick Up fee is $7.00.

Special Pick Ups
If you require removal of an appliance or large furniture or other bulky item you cannot handle yourself, call Gott’s Disposal and we’ll get it out of your way. The cost is $50.00 per hour with a one hour minimum and your dump fees ($140/ton).


The schedule for Hand Pickups is as follows:

  • Bar Harbor – Everyday – $7/ 1st 6 bags
  • Tremont – Thursday – $7/ 1st 6 bags
  • Southwest Harbor – Tuesday & Friday – $7/ 1st 6 bags
  • Halls Quarry – Wednesday – $7/ 1st 6 bags
  • Northeast Harbor – Monday & Thursday – $7/ 1st 6 bags
  • Trenton – Everyday except Thursdays – $7/ 1st 6 bags

Cardboard Pick Up
It is mandatory to recycle cardboard on Mount Desert Island. See Recycling information below.

Gott’s Disposal will collect your recycling (not including cardboard) from your home. The cost is $10.00 per Pickup.

If you do require your cardboard to be a Hand Pickup, we can do that. The cost is $10.00 as long as we can get it loaded within 5 minutes.

The schedule for Recycling Hand Pickups is as follows:
Southwest Harbor & Bar Harbor
Last Friday of the Month
$10.00/ 1st 5 minutes