As a renowned vacation destination, Mount Desert Island’s lifeblood is the tourist industry. With Gott’s Disposal on the job, Waste Management is not on your To Do list. You can run your restaurant, vacation rental or business knowing that you can depend on Gott’s to pick up your waste efficiently and on schedule.


We offer many sizes options for dumpsters, both for trash and for cardboard and we have the expertise to be able to advise you on the correct size for your needs.

Dumpster Size Monthly  Rental Per Pickup of Garbage Per Pickup of Cardboard
2 Yards $18.00 $12.00 $15.00
4 Yards $22.00 $15.00 $18.00
6 Yards $26.00 $18.00 $21.00
8 Yards $30.00 $21.00 $24.00
10 Yards $34.00 $24.00 $27.00

Construction Debris

For construction debris and demolition, we offer large Roll-Off Dumpsters. Not sure if we’ll deliver to your area? Give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

*If you have your roll off past 30 days, there is an additional $50 fee.


Roll Off Size Pick Up Rate Dump Fees
10 Yards $100.00* $170.00 per ton
15 Yards $150.00* $170.00 per ton
20 Yards $200.00* $170.00 per ton

Special Pick Ups

If you require removal of appliances, furniture or other bulky items you cannot handle yourself, call Gott’s Disposal and we’ll get it out of your way. The cost is $50.00 per hour with a one hour minimum and your dump fees ($170/ton).  Items must be small enough to be handled by one person.  Anything larger requires a roll-off container.  Contact the office to schedule your pickup.


The schedule for Commercial Pickups is as follows:

Location Hand Pickups Dumpsters Cardboard
Bar Harbor (in town)

Bar Harbor (out of town)

Mon – Fri

Mon & Wed

Mon – Fri

Mon & Wed

Tues, Wed, Fri

Tues, Wed, Fri

Tremont Thur Thur
Southwest Harbor Tues & Fri Tues, Fri
Mount Desert Mon & Thur Mon & Thur
Northeast Harbor Mon & Thur Mon & Thur
Trenton Mon – Fri Mon – Fri